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Automotive industry in the United States

Currently, in order to show its performance, a new challenge was taken where the race was not on the racing track. This new challenge was with another breakthrough technology, i. Drone racing has been launched earlier this decade and now sports thousands of players worldwide and several professional leagues. All feature tiny, remote-controlled aircraft capable of reaching speeds of 85 mph or more through wild obstacle courses. The latest video is released by Volkswagen in which the racing drone is seen taking in the ID.

R through a twisty course set up inside a Volkswagen factory. This will offer various benefits over the all-steel components used in the luxurious SUV models of the competitors. The shroud also works in reducing mass; at just 12 pounds, the 4-piece assembly is lighter than a similar shroud stamped from steel. It offers moldability and designed flexibility needed to support a complex, under-hood packaging environment, due to its composites designing. The dual wall dash made up of composite offers various other benefits such as reducing engine noise, improving acoustics by dissipating sound before it reaches the primary dash panel, providing superior thermal protection for electrical components, and accommodating engine assembly and serviceability concerns.

Continental Structural Plastics will manufacture the dual wall dash at its facility in Conneaut, Ohio.

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Source: Continental Structural Plastics. Arnott has recently come up with the new premium aftermarket air suspension struts for the front of the jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Chassis with Quadra-Lift and with and without Sport Suspension. The introduced suspension struts, AS and AS are featured with premium Eibach monotube shock absorbers precisely valved to provide OE-like ride comfort and handling. These new struts are designed, tested and assembled in the U.

An aluminum can and dust cover protects the new front struts providing a long service life and are also protected by the industry-leading warranty from Arnott. Source: Arnott Industries. Arnott has introduced a new rear aftermarket air spring for Volvo SPA platform models that is equipped with optional electronically controlled air suspension including the XC90, XC60 and the V90 Cross Country, excluding hybrid models. The air spring is assembled with heavy-duty crimp rings, high-impact resin top and piston, a dust cover and a new 6mm airline fitting, and has been tested in the U.

S and comes with the industry-leading warranty from Arnott. Cross-axis, multi-ply, and ContiTech air sleeve are some of the features for extended service life. The universal air spring will fit the left or right side of the vehicle. The experts at Jaguar Land Rover are developing a powerful 3D head-up display for projecting safety alerts, such as lane departure, hazard detection, sat-nav directions, and for reducing the effect of poor visibility in poor weather or light conditions.

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Augmented reality would add the perception of depth to the image by mapping the messages directly onto the road ahead. The innovative technology can be of used by the passengers in the future for watching 3D movies.


Head and eye-tracking technology would follow the position of the user ensuring they can see 3D pictures without the need for individual screens or shutter glasses worn at the cinema. The 3D displays in future would offer users a personalised experience and allow ride-shares to independently select their own infotainment. Several passengers sharing a journey would be able to enjoy their own choice of media — including journey details, points of interest or movies — and optimised for their seating. The research conducted along with the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics at University of Cambridge focusses on developing an immersive head-up display, which will closely match real-life experience allowing drivers to react more naturally to hazards and prompts.

CAPE Partners are world-leading players strategically positioned in the value chain network. Jaguar Land Rover with these efforts is driving towards Destination Zero, its ambition to make societies safer and healthier, and the environment cleaner. Source: Jaguar Land Rover.

Pronto have introduced Copilot, a highway automotive safety system designed for commercial trucks. The system is believed to take the features of comfort and safety to a whole new level. This is state of the art cruise control, power steering, and collision mitigation and more, all integrated and optimized specifically for trucks. Copilot is designed to avoid getting into emergencies where collision mitigation is needed. On the other hand, it also plays nice with any existing systems like Detroit Assurance or Bendix Wingman Fusion.

Copilot has also proven to take power steering to a whole new level with its features such as reactive lane departure warnings, continuous lane centering, and many other proactive options. Ability to apply full braking, combined with adaptive cruise control that goes all the way to 0mph, enables comfortable, safe cruising, even in slow traffic, for the first time ever in trucks.

The system is equipped with many more features to make driving comfortable. Pronto has made purpose of overall safety very clear along with improved driver experience and greater fuel efficiency with the introduction of Copilot.

Along with the installation of the camera-based system, the buyer also gets driver training and many more. BMW is about to introduce a number of advancements such as automated driving features and many more in its iNEXT by The rim of the wheel is flattened in both the lower and upper sections and rounded at the sides to provide a comfortable hand rest. As per BMW, the benefit of this geometry can be felt when switching from highly automated to active driving.

In comparison to the regular circular shape, the polygonal shape makes it much easier to recognize the steering angle based on the position of the steering wheel. The moment the driver re-takes control of the vehicle, they can detect the current steering angle instantly — both visually and by means of touch. There are optical fibers inserted in the side sections of the steering wheel that informs the driver of availability of highly automated driving functions by means of colored signals, as well as indicating situations where the driver is required to take over active control of the vehicle themselves.

Also, the flattening of the lower part of the steering wheel makes it comfortable for the driver to enter and exit the vehicle. It also enhances freedom of movement over long distances as it enables the driver to bend both their legs when using the Active Cruise Control function. Source: BMWBlog. Passengers and drivers are now more prone to the visual experience of smartphones and hence wish to have the same experience in the head-up display of the vehicles too. With the new 3D display products, Bosch is responding to this trend and is generating a realistic three-dimensional effect that allows visual information to be grasped faster than when displayed on conventional screens.

Steffen Berns, president of Bosch Car Multimedia. When navigating street, the 3D effect plays a decisive role, as the spatial depth of the map display makes it immediately clear which building marks the next turn. For its new display, Bosch makes use of a passive 3D technology, which works completely without additional features such as eye tracking or 3D glasses. The portfolio of Bosch include applications of all kinds — from small and flat to large and curved, and sometimes in unusual shapes such as round or with trimmed corners.

On the top of this, interaction can take the form of voice or touch control — the latter also with haptic feedback. Head-up displays of bigger size are more multi-purpose and intelligent, that means more control units. Bosch uses just one cockpit computer to coordinate the entire HMI, and delegates all control functions to one central control unit. Fewer control units offers light weight that reduces the vehicle development time.

Vehicle displays are subject to rigorous safety standards, especially when it comes to temperature fluctuations and vibrations, these standards are far higher than for consumer electronics. Bosch operating systems are tested thoroughly to make them fit for vehicle use. Source: Bosch. The new technology used by Vaxhall is particularly useful in preventing potential accidents with cyclists and pedestrians when turning left.

The new automobile vehicle security systems feature combines two cameras that provide a range of views to the rear and to the side. The first camera mounted above the rear doors overlooks the area behind the vehicle. The display is shown on a dedicated five-inch screen while reversing and parking.

The driver can also switch between a close and wider rear view. The wider rear view can also be shown when driving forwards, displaying a distance of four to over 30 metres behind the Combo Cargo. The second camera present under the passenger-side mirror of the Combo Cargo shows the passenger view towards the rear.

The driver can see where the cyclists or pedestrians are by switching to the display through the touchscreen. This allows the driver to safely turn left or the side of the vehicle that is clear, preventing a potential accident.

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The pack also consists of front and rear parking distance sensors, power-folding door mirrors, front fog lights and ultrasonic side sensors. Source: Vauxhall. BMW is about to launch its first truly autonomous vehicle in that will be coupled with an electric drivetrain. For the first time, we are combining electric and Level 3 highly-automated driving and high-end connectivity and a digitalized interior. All in one vehicle. The necessary technical requirements and chances to international regulations and liability laws are currently in progress.

Just in Time by Toyota: The Smartest Production System in The World

A hint has been also provided by the BMW boss about the next-level of autonomous driving to be arriving past Mobileye has developed the current self-driving platform, while the next-level product arriving by will be a result of the collaboration between Dailmer and BMW. The focus of iNEXT is not on the electric drive as this will already will be the new normal in the company by , rather BMW is working on creating different levels of autonomy that can be purchased by the customers, as the biggest hurdle for the Bavarians is government regulation, not technology.

At the initial stage, the car will have a Level 3 autonomy. We are thrilled to expand our product portfolio while continuing to strengthen the breadth of solutions we can offer our growing network of distribution partners. The acquisition has brought in a number of benefits for both the companies such as broader product selection and accelerated new product innovation allowing distributors to meet the ever-changing needs of their end users.

It will be offering robust online tools, technical support, and industry leading customer service to current and future channel partners. The acquisition will also lead to further growth and expansion. Karamba Security, a world leader in automotive and enterprise edge cybersecurity, signed a production agreement for its leading Carwall runtime integrity software, in Alpine infotainment systems to offer its bit in automotive vehicle security systems market.

To safeguard customer safety in the connected and autonomous vehicle era, protection against cyberattacks is critical. Such exploits of in-memory vulnerabilities can jeopardize customer safety by controlling the speed and direction of the vehicle. As per Dotan, the partnership with the product team of Alpine has allowed Karamba to overcome production hurdles such as automated implementation without delaying time to market and implement the same security software on various systems of Alpine.

Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance - Wikipedia

The patented Embedded Runtime Integrity of Karamba is a state-of-the-art attack detection and prevention software that leverages Control Flow Integrity CFI and continuously maintains vendor settings. With the technology of Karamba installed, the infotainment software system detects, prevents, and reports attempted cyberattacks. Karamba Carwall is the industry-leading CFI solution, thanks to its seamless implementation and negligible performance impact of less than 5 percent CPU overhead.

We have found those qualities in Karamba Security Carwall and we are excited to team up with this high growth company. Karamba, with this production deployment, is demonstrating a proven ability to automatically prevent exploits of in-memory vulnerabilities in connected machines, without any need for software or hardware changes. This solution makes embedded security a reality in the connected vehicles revolution. Source: Karamba. As a result, the car is featured with a drag coefficient of only 0.