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The big, important difference though, would have been knowing I had a bigger purpose in all the torment of my job.

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Thanks for reading! When going to an interview and not caring whether I got the job or not; it was at that point I knew working for others was not for me. Your email address will not be published.

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    Young, Eager, And Full Of Denial I took a job in customer service at a local power company after my first year in college. When you think about your current habit of trading time for money, consider at which point enough is enough. I think it makes sense to work hence the post , but not to overwork.

    Time which could be spent with friends and family and connecting per the socialization category that we talked about. I challenge you to consider where your threshold ends and try to maintain a balance of earning and living. Think of all of the innovation that has happened over the last years. Really think about it for a moment though.

    I Was Never Meant to Work for Others

    Regardless, technology today has provided a platform to receive information at an almost instantaneous pace. This just spurs creation and innovation forward.

    10 Obvious Signs You Should Be Working for Yourself

    Or that your creation has stagnated as the needs of your business have grown or changed? Are you buried underneath the administrative parts of your business managing people, invoicing, etc , rather than the tasks that drew you to your work in the first place? If this is you, I challenge you to take a step back and start creating again. Start doing some of the work that drew you to this career or business in the first place.

    Creation is energizing. It can also be draining at times, but mostly energizing in my experience. It spurs additional ideas and excitement.

    That traditional thinking no longer applies," says Gerber. If you want to secure your financial future regardless of the bad economy, you need to be in control of your own life," he insists. While entrepreneurs should be confident, if you go overboard you'll get in your own way. Use creativity to market an unoriginal idea.

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    • At its core, it's just a junk removal business. For entrepreneurs will minimal resources, Gerber says to start a business around the little cash available. When I started out, I didn't have much at all. I just focused on business ideas that could turn a profit quicker and didn't have many startup costs. Or someone who seems great might take you through the ringer later on," says Gerber.

      Start connecting now.

      Gerber is a fan of one paragraph startup plans. Anything longer is not necessary. You don't need a traditional plan to be a small business owner," Gerber says. Instead, get started on your business so you can make money as soon as possible.