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Sammy secretly dreams of being the first shopkeeper to walk on the moon. There's no mail for George to deliver but he doesn't know how to spend his free time. Archie becomes a superhero. Alice gets hurt when she falls off her bike. What will she do? Ned wants to be a pilot like his hero, Frank. Mitzi organizes a big adventure.

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Ned invents a pretend friend as he wants a visitor. The bell on Lolly's ice cream truck breaks, so no one knows that she's there! Frank and Buster try to help her find a new sound. Ned gets his first cold and is too ill to work. Everyone practises their acts for the outback talent show, but Josie is frightened of dancing in public, but when Mitzi accidentally steps on Archie's ukulele, Josie must fill in for her.

The duo get a letter from Penny who wants to knit a sweater for Lolly for the cold outback mornings. Sammy loses one of his bees and Mitzi is puzzled, as she thinks all bees are the same. Alice can't cure her hiccups. Lolly loves her job delivering ice cream, but it's hard to say goodbye when she is about to move away.

Ned decides to bury some treasure, but he neglects to draw a map and needs help to find it. Sammy suggests that Mitzi has an exhibition of her photos, so she sets out to take some really special ones. George spills tea inside his satchel and makes the addresses on his letters unreadable. Ned decides he wants to become a knight.

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Series about Archie wants to be on his own and decides to go camping. Aunt Mavis gives Ned a remote-controlled plane. George the Mailman is persuaded by Mitzi to run a race with Archie, who feels sure he'll win. Sammy has a bad day but the Koala Brothers help him get over it. Mailman George loves to chat to a little plant by the roadside, but the plant is wilting. Archie is so good at sport that he wins every game, and demands to play on until he is defeated. Josie breaks Sammy's favorite coffee cup, owns up, and creates a wonderful new one for him.

Penny is excited on the day of the outback croquet match.

The Koalas are having a tea party, and Mitzi makes rash promises about how she can help. George wants to be a faster mailman. He tries everything, but nothing works until Buster suggests he use a skateboard. Ned feels left out as he can't whistle, so Frank gets everyone to make a different sound. Josie gets a tuba and realises that practice makes perfect.

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Sammy realises just how much he relies on his cuckoo clock. Archie's friends discover that he isn't the best listener. Josie is in charge of the shop while Sammy takes a holiday. It's Penny's birthday and her friends have the perfect surprise.

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George is losing his letters and someone else is delivering them. Lolly has made a new spinach ice cream for the townsfolk, but everyone keeps it. Excellent and attractive curriculum, I'm really impressed with Koala Preschool.

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The infrastructure is excellent and friendly staff. I would strongly recommend this preschool to anyone whom I come across. School Beautifully done and maintained as well. The Kids enjoy being there. Overall the school is awesome. The concept is excellent, combining the best of all the worlds for the little ones.

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Will love to spread the word about the school. Koala Learning Pvt. Playgroup Explorers Age: 1.

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Nursery Adventurers Age: 2. Kinder Navigators Age: 3. Senior Inventors Age: 4.

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Harsha, Vidyaranyapura. Glazey Kathuria Unique and attractive curriculum for little ones. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist.

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