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We might work and succeed together, but we can quickly find ourselves alone when things go wrong. Some people are able to find help through strong and loving support networks, others self-medicate through a variety of habits some more socially acceptable than others , and a tragic few get missed and come to the conclusion that there is only one option left.

Of course, suicide is complex and is comprised of so many factors that to point the finger at only one will ultimately limit our understanding of what has happened. Yet if that factor is a work environment, which is constructed through fear and an inability to be honest, then this is clearly something that we need to address.

Is society's 'Man up' message fuelling a suicide crisis among men?

One of the saddest things among all of this is the loss of talent, energy, and potential it represents. A body of intelligent and capable people are finding themselves traumatised by a system day in and day out. We care, we all care so much. But the uncomfortable reality is that if the government, our bosses, and the public want the best from us, we also need to be cared for too. He is a late starter in the medical world, having gone to medical school at He first completed a degree in English Literature and then worked overseas as a volunteer coordinator and expedition leader prior to signing up.

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We welcome submissions for consideration. Your article should be clear, compelling, and appeal to our international readership of doctors and other health professionals. The best pieces make a single topical point.

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  7. They are well argued with new insights. For more information on how to submit, please see our instructions for authors. The research has implications for improved biosecurity, crop health, and yield and quality forecasting.

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    Or dropping in to visit Gavin Hughes and Karen Touchie , who escaped from Melbourne to the far south coast of NSW and built a world-class as in they've just won international awards artisan gin distillery. Whatever you think of his politics, our deputy PM Michael McCormack a Wagga local was spot on when he described towns in his electorate, the towns he knows well, as "big enough to find a good cup of coffee but McCormack was offering his views on the subject of regional Australia as part of the launch of a new magazine series and website - Future Focus.

    Future Focus is an initiative of Australian Community Media publisher of this newsletter to focus thinking on the opportunities that abound in regional Australia, and what policies and strategies are required to maximise the potential and ensure the prosperity is delivered in a balanced and sustainable way.

    You are invited to join the debate: go to futurefocusproject. Before you start into too much complaining and demanding, have a read of economic geography professor Phillip O'Neill's article explaining why regional Australia has not descended into the angry and depressed dystopia of some regions of the UK and the US. Yes, there is a lot going for our regions, although Phil warns against complacency.

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    Like everybody else, I woke up on Saturday morning to the news that Anthony Bourdain had been found dead in a French hotel. I spent the rest of Saturday in a noticeably low mood and reflected on what it takes for someone to pull the pin on their life. Having had bouts of depression for years, I understand the strain of putting on a brave face while, on the inside, the metaphorical iceberg beneath your feet is melting fast.

    Have I ever thought of ending it all?

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    Have I ever come close to doing it? And a perfectly legitimate one. Every suicide, as far as I can tell, is as individual as the person doing it. The reasons are myriad, the pain is beyond bearable, and the tragedy is, well, tragic.

    Skyhooks - "Horror Movie" & "Ego is not a Dirty Word"!!

    For everyone. Except somehow the living must find a way to live with it. And in doing so there appears to be a degree of moralising and rationalising.

    Suicide is not a dirty word: Puget Sound participates in Suicide Prevention Week - The Trail

    Or, at least, it gives the veneer of having some, and is not a hugely radical notion. Overall, we had What do we expect? Our dominant culture is stoicism, rugby, and alcohol-fueled manliness. Add in an unrelenting landscape of capitalist values, with climate change now seriously impacting because of it, and the perfect storm is brewing. Indeed, has brewed. Both politically and culturally, the current Kiwi approach to suicide is largely silence, followed closely by judgment. And that approach is not working.

    It neither brings the rate down or stops an individual heart from flatlining.