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Sutter was Torn Between Mexico and the United States By the s, the fort that Sutter had constructed was a popular stopping point for American settlers coming into California from overland wagon trails.

Sutter's Mill

Sutter was torn. When he became a Mexican citizen, he swore an oath to protect the Californian territory from coming under the control of the United States, yet he realized he could profit more from the wealth and power of the American settlers. He was forced to decide, once and for all, where his loyalties lay when the Mexican War in broke out. Sutter supported the Americans, who won the war.

Scene from the Mexican War. Source: historyguy. Construction was complete in January of All Marshall needed to do was to redirect the creek to go to the waterwheel at the mill. Sutter's Mill. Source: findingdulcinea. Marshall Finds Gold Early in the morning on January 24, , Marshall arrived at the site to inspect the work that was done on the millrace.

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The rising sun caught on a shiny object in the freshly-dug dirt. When Marshall went to investigate, he noticed that the entire millrace was covered in small flecks of gold. He alerted his employer, John Sutter, immediately.

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Source: onlineonly. Sutter Tried to Keep the Discovery Under Wraps Once it was confirmed that the small flakes were, indeed, gold, Sutter had a small group of his workers begin mining the gold in secrecy. He planned to collect as much of it as possible and hoped that no one would leak word of the find to the outside world.

Photo courtesy Tom Bentley. Placerville, sliding past slimy walls into the darkness beyond. The hardest thing to do is decide where to have lunch. You still can pan for gold, if you dig that sort of thing. For tenderfoots tenderfeet?

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Placerville earned that moniker after an infamous necktie party held when three ruffians rode into town with guns ablaze, only to meet a swinging fate. The nickname stuck. The place has been recently restored with a tin ceiling and old-time photos. Be sure to sit at the old bar and try the Rocky Road.

Haunted Gold Rush Road Trip

Just across the street is the four-story Cary House Hotel , which opened in You can stay there if you dare. Mark Twain and Elvis did, and lived to see another day. In or around the Cary House, you may encounter the famous ghost of Stan Levine — possibly a desk clerk, definitely a carouser.

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  7. As recently as , according to Bottjer, a woman went to sign the guest book and scarlet liquid trickled out of the pen. And another woman awoke in one of the rooms to see a man in a plaid shirt lying next to her.

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    We chat with docent Linda Elliot. She tells us the great fire of took out most of the town, but a few structures like this one survived. We examine mining displays of pickaxes and pans. Do people still find gold? In a German-born Swiss pioneer named John Sutter established a fort on the land that would eventually become Sacramento, California.

    Four years later, gold would be discovered while building his mill, unleashing a tidal wave of easterners seeking wealth in the western half of the United States. Today in the Northern California area, the Sutter name can be found on basins, bypasses, counties and everything in-between.

    This legacy is not due to any long standing financial or social impact; Sutter finished his life penniless, ruined by the rapidly changing economy caused by the gold he discovered. Instead, his legacy is maintained by name alone, a trophy bequeathed simply for being there.